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"Your program is so user friendly, just point & click. I was able to install and learn to use it in less than a week. Whenever I need support you guys are there."
State Barricading,
South Bend, IN
"Barricade Software has very knowledgeable customer service, it is very easy to get answers to all of our support questions."
Guardway Corporation,
Charlotte, NC
"We know exactly what's on every Job, because every call goes into the computer. When billing it saves me so much time, everything is ready to bill at any time. I used to have sticky notes plastered ..."
Gulf Coast traffic,
Pensacola, FL
 Barricade Software Products       
... Designed exclusively for the Traffic Safety Industry

BARRICADE Software is a powerful rental tracking system that streamlines your business practices is easy to use and fully supported.

  • Flexible Invoicing: Lump Sum, Period Bill, Progress bill, Spot bill, Minimum Item bill, and Final bill. Invoicing should be fun! Eliminate month end billing anxiety stop leaving dollars on every job due to sloppy or manual billing methods.
  • Inventory Control: Maintains both jobsite and on hand quantities.
  • Easy Integration: Integrates with any windows based Accounting System.
  • Dispatchers Workbench: Streamlines the dispatching process and improves scheduling and management. Manual methods of receiving orders from the client, creating the work orders and then confirming those orders (recording what really happened) can create a mountain of paperwork, not to mention lost dollars, at the Invoicing end. Barricade's Dispatching module simplifies this process, improves record keeping and increases profitability.
Warning: Use of this product may dramatically improve your bottom line!

  • Special Pricing: Define prices based upon item/client or item/client/job
  • Kit Items: Pre-define lane closures and other types of multi component setups, with the ability to define a relationship between a parent item and all of its components.
  • Create Work orders: Create Delivery & Pickup work orders with your company logo. Eliminate lost tickets with the open tickets report.
  • Plain Paper Forms: Work orders and invoices can be printed on plain paper, eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.
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