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"Your program is so user friendly, just point & click. I was able to install and learn to use it in less than a week. Whenever I need support you guys are there."
State Barricading,
South Bend, IN
"Barricade Software has very knowledgeable customer service, it is very easy to get answers to all of our support questions."
Guardway Corporation,
Charlotte, NC
"We know exactly what's on every Job, because every call goes into the computer. When billing it saves me so much time, everything is ready to bill at any time. I used to have sticky notes plastered ..."
Gulf Coast traffic,
Pensacola, FL
 Frequently Asked Questions       
What is Barricade Software?
Barricade Software is a computer program. It implements a Barricade Rental Tracking system which is exclusively developed for Barricade Rental and Traffic Control Rental businesses and designed by Traffic Safety Industry experts.
How will Barricade Software be useful for my business?
Barricade Software is designed to totally automate and streamline your business processes thereby giving you complete control over the way you manage and run your business. It will help you in analyzing the emerging trends in your business and aid in effective decision-making. To learn more about the product click here
Can Barricade Software be customized to my business?
The product can be easily customized and tailor-made to suit your requirements. The principle factors governing the operations Barricade Rental facilities have been parameterized to provide the desired flexibility in running your business. Additional features that are exclusive to your business can be provided on request.
What technology does Barricade Software incorporate?
Barricade Software is a Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Program and Barricade Software has been developed using latest Microsoft Technologies.
Does Barricade Software interface with other accounting systems?
Barricade Software interfaces with most of popular accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Great Plains, Peachtree, TACT, Lawson, Master Builder, Simply Accounting and etc. In addition, Barricade Software can be customized to your specific needs on request.
What are the hardware requirements to run Barricade Software?
Barricade Software can be installed on any Microsoft Windows system. For the best performance recommend minimum of 1 GHZ Pentium 4 processor with 512 MB memory, running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista. For best performance in a network environment, workstations should have 100 Mbits connections to the file server.
How do I evaluate your product?
For your convenience, Barricade Software provides a free of charge online demonstration which can be scheduled here or you can contact us directly at (888) 333-0083 ext 1. Additionally, Barricade Software comes with a 30 day trial license which can be used while you are evaluating the Barricade Software program.
How do I install Barricade Software after purchase?
Barricade Software is easy to install. We have Installation and Configuration instructions included into our Help Manual. We also recommend that you sign up for our Barricade Software Implementation Service
What if I have doubts regarding the product while using it?
Barricade Software comes along with a comprehensive context-sensitive Help Manual. Pressing F1 Key on any screen will directly take you to the Help Manual pertaining to that screen's functionalities. Additionally, Barricade Software Support personnel will be available to assist you with all your inquiries.
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