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"Your program is so user friendly, just point & click. I was able to install and learn to use it in less than a week. Whenever I need support you guys are there."
State Barricading,
South Bend, IN
"Barricade Software has very knowledgeable customer service, it is very easy to get answers to all of our support questions."
Guardway Corporation,
Charlotte, NC
"We know exactly what's on every Job, because every call goes into the computer. When billing it saves me so much time, everything is ready to bill at any time. I used to have sticky notes plastered ..."
Gulf Coast traffic,
Pensacola, FL
 Why Barricade Software ?       
Go From This:
1. You can't keep up with Billings...
Invoices go out late. It takes too much time to figure out what and how much to bill. You know you are losing money but you don't have time to figure out where.
2. You don't know where your Inventory is...
How much stock do you have on hand.? How much inventory is on each Job? How much inventory is enough? Customers call for Pickups on Jobs you don't have recorded.
3. You keep issuing credits...
I called for a pickup last month!! You never delivered that Arrow Board. You said you weren't going to bill for that!
4. You can't get away from the shop...
Working on billing, following up on deliveries and pickups; Approving credits and answering complaints; Taking orders because nobody does it right...
To This:
1. Bill progress billing any time, Bill completed jobs immediately.
Barricade Software allows you to bill a complete progress bill in seconds. Final billing automatically suggests all jobs that have been picked up complete.
2. On hand and on the Job inventories maintained automatically...
Every Pickup and Delivery updates inventory. You can even go back and see what you had at each Job on any given day. No transaction need be lost.
3. No more credits...
You are back in control. Every call is recorded with a Work Order number (client's confirmation). Open tickets are automatically recorded. Missing paperwork is recognized immediately. Information about the Job and this Work Order is recorded when the client calls in ...
4. Get your life back...
You set up special pricing ahead of time. Special rates are recorded by client or job. Lump Sums and Daily, Weekly, Monthly billing are pre-set. All subsequent deliveries are made under those terms. You get a preview billing register whenever you progress bill ...
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