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"Your program is so user friendly, just point & click. I was able to install and learn to use it in less than a week. Whenever I need support you guys are there."
State Barricading,
South Bend, IN
"Barricade Software has very knowledgeable customer service, it is very easy to get answers to all of our support questions."
Guardway Corporation,
Charlotte, NC
"We know exactly what's on every Job, because every call goes into the computer. When billing it saves me so much time, everything is ready to bill at any time. I used to have sticky notes plastered ..."
Gulf Coast traffic,
Pensacola, FL
Primary Features
  • Recording Activities
  • Control of both Activities and Inventory
  • Generating Invoices
  • Reports and Analysis

Recording Activities:
This is keeping track of the deliveries and pickups, maintenance that takes place on a Job. There are three components in each Activity:
  • Transaction is type of delivery, pickup, sale or other service

  • Material is inventory (if it is an inventory movement transaction) that is being picked up, delivered or sold. This includes quantity, daily rental (if applicable)

  • Work Order is information that helps direct the activity. Information can be recorded in two ways:

    • Interactive: In this approach the Order is completed through Pick Tickets or Dispatch with the customer on the phone. In that way the special instructions, delivery times and other information can be included on the Work Order. The Work Order is printed and recorded in the system and can now be traced using the Dispatch Schedule or through open tickets reporting. This is the preferred method because it affords the greatest control.
    • After the Fact: This approach usually occurs when orders are taken manually. Then when the activity is completed the tickets are turned in to be entered in the system through the transaction screen (see Transactions). Often this approach is used when first starting out with the system especially to report what is already on the job.

Notes: The entry of transactions is activity based that is we recommend that you do not try to go back in time to record transactions of the past. Don't worry history will quickly be recorded. For entering material currently on the Job (see Getting Started).

Generating Invoices:
The principal of invoicing is that you record activity as it happens and at any time you should be able to generate invoices up to date and according to the billing method assigned to this job. In most cases the dispatcher does not have to know pricing or Job billing methods (Period Billing, Lump Sum, and Minimum Billing). Invoicing terms can be changed literally at the time of Invoicing. Invoicing can be accomplished by Job, Client, All Jobs, or a group of Jobs designated with different codes for selected billing (see Invoicing).

There are many ways of controlling the processing from the top down.
  • Pricing: Material rental and sales may be special priced at a Client and (or) Job level. Barricade Software provides a function which allows to copy pricing from a one client to another one or many clients. This is especially convenient when you use tier pricing.
  • Inventory: Barricade Software screens and reports allow management to see what is on the Job at any point, see by material what Jobs the material is on (where used) or you may select any prior date and see what material was on the Job on that day.
  • Activity: The Dispatch Screen depicts all the open Work Orders, which can be sorted by client, date, driver and etc. You can see what materials and activities are on the Work Order and confirm orders from the Dispatch Screen. The Dispatch Screen is what you will see on most screens on a multi workstation environment.
While you are running Barricade Software, you are collecting an enormous amount of valuable information. When you want to look back and analyze what happened you have the raw material with which to do it. We already have many analysis reports. We have revenue reports by Client and Invoice for any period of time that you have been running Barricade Software. We have Missing Material Reports, Material Tally Reports and Inventory Analytical Reports. We even have a report that tells you what was "on the road" at any date in the past (by Client, by Job).
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